Elf Warrior Osrs

Elf Warrior OsrsThey can use abilities against the player in combat. Elf Warrior Level: 90 Combat Type: Ranged Aggressive: No Elf Warrior Level: 108 Combat Type: Melee (Halberd) Aggressive: No Note: There are several good spaces for killing the level 108 Elf Warrior one with ranged or magic; for example the benches at the entrance and the fences. Elf warriors are rebel elves who can be found in Lletya. Just northwest of the Elf camp along the shore line you will find shark fishing spots. Crystal teleport seeds can be obtained as a common drop from Elf warriors and Elf guards. Last time I had an elf task I killed the mourners under west Ardougne. After completion of the Regicide quest, slayer masters can assign them as a Slayer task. Contents Locations Strengths and weaknesses Slayer